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The 2016 General Election Cycle

Turning NC Blue County by County

Important voter information for 2016.   It is no longer permissible to register to vote during the 'One stop' voting period. All new voters must register to vote by Thursday October 13th. Your application form must be with the Board of Elections by this date.

Do you live in Durham County NC or wish to support Durham County Get Out The Vote (GOTV)?

If yes, please register with us for a Durham County Women Vote scheme:
If in other counties, please refer to your local or state party contacts, thank you.

Effective from January 2016, you will NEED photo-ID to vote in all elections in North Carolina.   If you do not have suitable ID you can get a free ID from the NC DMV.   More information on this topic is avaialble from the NC SBOE

Key dates

  • Thursday October 13th, last day to register to vote for the 'General Election'
  • Tuesday October 25th, last day to request 'Absentee Ballot by mail'
  • Thursday October 27th to Saturday November 5th --> One stop no excuse early voting (NOTE it is no longer possible to register to vote at 'ONE STOP')
  • Tuesday November 8th, 2016 --> General Election day, polls open from 6:30am to 7:30pm (if you are in-line to vote by 7:30pm you will be allowed to vote)

Information per your home address

Election candidates

Polling places

One stop early voting locations

If you have previously volunteered for Durham Women Vote or Power of the Pen go to http://durhamwomenvote/letters.php and you can immediately access a 2016 list.
  1. First time volunteer, please go to and Find the tab at the top for Durham Women Vote or go directly to
  2. Complete requested information. Make sure you scroll all the way down and answer the spam filter question and hit the submit button.
  3. Add to your contacts list so we won’t be treated as spam.
  4. Wait to be authorized. You can expect some lag time between signing –up and being authorized because the administrators are also volunteers and may not get to it immediately. That part of the process is not automated.
  5. In the meantime, you will receive emails asking you to join an email list, so that we can contact you. If you join, you will receive an email (or 2 if you join both lists) notifying you that you are "subscribed".
  6. When you have been authorized as letter writer, you can request a list when you are ready to begin writing. Since our lists are targeted, the highest priority recipients are listed first. Please do not request a list until you are ready to write. You will automatically receive an email with your list of names and addresses embedded in the email. RETAIN THIS EMAIL FOR FUTURE USE to record letters mailed and later on to report bad addresses.
  7. When you have finished your letters and mailed them, click on the status and feedback link to report sending them. You will receive a prompt which will let you get another list. If you could not write to some (or any), you can note that through the same link. Those names will be redistributed to another writer.
  8. Ten days after you acknowledge mailing your letters, you will receive an email asking if you received any returned letters. Save this email in case you do receive a returned letter, then go to the link on the email and report the bad address using the tracking number you noted at your return address. This will remove this voter from the database, so no further contacts will be made.
  9. If you wish to write more letters, you can easily access a new list at any time (no more waiting!) by going to

If interested in volunteering to write letters, please sign up after picking your home county, or if you do not live in North Carolina pick a county you would like to volunteer for. All applications are moderated, and we aim to review all account applications within five days.

Once your account is approved, you can participate via our letter writing page.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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