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North Carolina Address lookup

Please enter values in to the appropriate fields. If looking up an apartment please put the apartment number in to the 'apartment field'.

REQUEST: If entering addresses that have compass directions in them, the typical USPS convention is a single character, for example '123 East US Hwy 1' should be entered as '123 E US Hwy 1', or 123 US Hwy 1 E' depending on the local convention used. Enter the street name in the format that is on the 'street post' at the end of your street.

NOTE: The intent of these lookup pages is to help NC voters find polling locations and local election candidate information. If your interest is to see the voter registration details and voting record 'per named person', please use the State Board of Elections (SBOE) voter search tools via Voting records are 'public records' per state law.

Thank you.

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