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Power of the Pen Election candidates
Election candidates, Power of the Pen

Election candidates

Election candidates in the state of North Carolina

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State wide races

IDCandidateMore information
Presidential electionHillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (VP)
U.S. SenateDeborah Ross
State GovernorRoy Cooper
Lt GovernorLinda Coleman
N.C. Attorney GeneralJosh Stein
N. C. State Auditor Beth Wood
N. C. Commissioner of Agriculture Walter Smith
N. C. Insurance CommissionerWayne Goodwin
N.C. Commissioner of LaborCharles Meeker
Secretary of StateElaine Marshall
N. C. Supt. of Public Instruction June Atkinson
N. C. State Treasurer Dan Blue, III
NC Supreme Court JusticeMike Morgan
NC Court of AppealsLinda Stephens, Margaret Eagles, Jr, Abe Jones, Vince Rozier, Rickye McKoy-Mitchell, N/A

US Congressional races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
01Congressional district 01G. K. Butterfield
02Congressional district 02John McNeil
03Congressional district 03Ernest Reeves
04Congressional district 04David Price
05Congressional district 05Josh Brannon
06Congressional district 06Pete Glidewell
07Congressional district 07No DEM CandidateN/A
08Congressional district 08Thomas Mills
09Congressional district 09Christian Cano
10Congressional district 10Andy Millard
11Congressional district 11Rick Bryson
12Congressional district 12Alma Adams
13Congressional district 13Bruce Davis

NC Senate races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
01Senate district 01Brownie Futrell
02Senate district 02Dorothea R. White
03Senate district 03Erica Smith-Ingram
04Senate district 04Angela R. Bryant
05Senate district 05Don Davis
06Senate district 06No Democrat candidateN/A
07Senate district 07No Democrat candidateN/A
08Senate district 08No Democrat candidateN/A
09Senate district 09Andrew Barnhill
10Senate district 10No Democrat candidateN/A
11Senate district 11Albert Pacer
12Senate district 12Susan Byerly
13Senate district 13Jane W. Smith
14Senate district 14Dan Blue
15Senate district 15Laurel Deegan-Fricke
16Senate district 16Jay Chaudhuri
17Senate district 17Susan P. Evans
18Senate district 18Gil Johnson
19Senate district 19Toni Morris
20Senate district 20Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
21Senate district 21Ben Clark
22Senate district 22Mike Woodard
23Senate district 23Valerie P. Foushee
24Senate district 24John Thorpe
25Senate district 25Dannie M. Montgomery
26Senate district 26No Democrat candidateN/A
27Senate district 27Michael Garrett
28Senate district 28Gladys A. Robinson
29Senate district 29No Democrat candidateN/A
30Senate district 30Michael Holleman
31Senate district 31No Democrat candidateN/A
32Senate district 32Paul Lowe Jr
33Senate district 33Jim Beall Graham
34Senate district 34No Democrat candidateN/A
35Senate district 35No Democrat candidateN/A
36Senate district 36Robert Brown
37Senate district 37Jeff Jackson
38Senate district 38Joel Ford
39Senate district 39Lloyd Scher
40Senate district 40Joyce Waddell
41Senate district 41Jonathan Hudson
42Senate district 42No Democrat candidateN/A
43Senate district 43No Democrat candidateN/A
44Senate district 44No Democrat candidateN/A
45Senate district 45Art Sherwood
46Senate district 46Anne Fischer
47Senate district 47Mary Jane Boyd
48Senate district 48Norman Bossert
49Senate district 49Teresa (Terry) Van Duyn
50Senate district 50Jane Hipps

NC House races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
001House district 001Sam Davis
002House district 002Joe Parrish
003House district 003Marva Fisher Baldwin
004House district 004No Democrat candidateN/A
005House district 005Howard J. Hunter III
006House district 006Warren Judge
007House district 007Bobbie J. Richardson
008House district 008Charlie Pat Farris
009House district 009Brian Farkas
010House district 010Evelyn Paul
011House district 011Duane Hall
012House district 012George Graham
013House district 013Rodney AlexanderN/A
014House district 014No Democrat candidateN/A
015House district 015Dan Whitten
016House district 016Steve Unger
017House district 017Charles Warren
018House district 018Susi Hamilton
019House district 019No Democrat candidateN/A
020House district 020No Democrat candidateN/A
021House district 021Larry M. Bell
022House district 022William Brisson
023House district 023Shelly Willingham
024House district 024Jean Farmer Butterfield
025House district 025James D. Gailliard
026House district 026Rich Nixon
027House district 027Michael H. Wray
028House district 028Patricia Oliver
029House district 029Larry D. Hall
030House district 030Paul Luebke
031House district 031H. M. (Mickey) Michaux, Jr.
032House district 032Terry Garrison
033House district 033Rosa U. Gill
034House district 034Grier Martin
035House district 035Terrence Everitt
036House district 036Jennifer Ferrell
037House district 037Randy Barrow
038House district 038Yvonne Lewis Holley
039House district 039Darren Jackson
040House district 040Joe John
041House district 041Gale Adcock
042House district 042Marvin W. Lucas
043House district 043Elmer Floyd
044House district 044William (Billy) Richardson
045House district 045No Democrat candidateN/A
046House district 046Tim Benton
047House district 047Charles Graham
048House district 048Garland E. Pierce
049House district 049Cynthia Ball
050House district 050Graig Meyer
051House district 051Brad Salmon
052House district 052No Democrat candidateN/A
053House district 053Jon Blum
054House district 054Robert T. Reives II
055House district 055Kim Hargett
056House district 056Verla Insko
057House district 057Mary (Pricey) Harrison
058House district 058Amos Quick
059House district 059Scott Jones
060House district 060Cecil Brockman
061House district 061No Democrat candidateN/A
062House district 062No Democrat candidateN/A
063House district 063No Democrat candidateN/A
064House district 064No Democrat candidateN/A
065House district 065H. Keith Duncan
066House district 066Ken Goodman
067House district 067Carson Roger Snyder
068House district 068No Democrat candidateN/A
069House district 069Gordon B. Daniels
070House district 070Lois Bohnsack
071House district 071Evelyn Terry
072House district 072Edward Hanes, Jr.
073House district 073No Democrat candidateN/A
074House district 074Marilynn Baker
075House district 075No Democrat candidateN/A
076House district 076No Democrat candidateN/A
077House district 077No Democrat candidateN/A
078House district 078William (Bill) McCaskill
079House district 079No Democrat candidateN/A
080House district 080No Democrat candidateN/A
081House district 081Andy Hedrick
082House district 082Earle Schecter
083House district 083Jeremy Hachen
084House district 084John Wayne Kahl
085House district 085No Democrat candidateN/A
086House district 086Tim Barnsback
087House district 087No Democrat candidateN/A
088House district 088Mary Belk
089House district 089No Democrat candidateN/A
090House district 090Vera Smith Reynolds
091House district 091Eugene Russell
092House district 092Chaz Beasley
093House district 093Sue Counts
094House district 094Michael T. Lentz
095House district 095No Democrat candidateN/A
096House district 096No Democrat candidateN/A
097House district 097No Democrat candidateN/A
098House district 098Jane Campbell
099House district 099Rodney W. Moore
100House district 100John Autry
101House district 101Beverly Miller Earle
102House district 102Becky Carney
103House district 103Rochelle Rivas
104House district 104Peter Noris
105House district 105Connie Green-Johnson
106House district 106Carla Cunningham
107House district 107Kelly Alexander
108House district 108No Democrat candidateN/A
109House district 109Susan Maxon
110House district 110No Democrat candidateN/A
111House district 111No Democrat candidateN/A
112House district 112No Democrat candidateN/A
113House district 113Maureen Mahan Copeloi
114House district 114Susan C. Fisher
115House district 115John Ager
116House district 116Brian Turner
117House district 117No Democrat candidateN/A
118House district 118Rhonda Cole Schandevel
119House district 119Joe Sam Queen
120House district 120Randy Hogsed

Other races

IDCountyRace nameCandidateMore information
32DurhamBoard of County CommisionersPlease vote for all five: Heidi Carter, James Hill, Brenda Howerton, Wendy Jacobs, Ellen ReckhowN/A
32DurhamDurham County Register of DeedsSharon Davis
32DurhamNC District Court Judge, District 14Drew Marsh or Shamieka RhinehartN/A
32DurhamDurham Soil and WaterDanielle Adams
32DurhamDurham County Bond ReferendumsVote "yes" on all four bondsN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersTrevor FullerN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersPat CothamN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersElla ScarboroughN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersVilma LeakeN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersGeorge DunlapN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersDumont ClarkN/A
60MecklenburgBoard of County CommissionersMarc FriedlandN/A
60MecklenburgRegister of DeedsFred SmithN/A
60MecklenburgSoil and Water SupervisorVonnie BrownN/A
60MecklenburgSoil and Water SupervisorEric EricksonN/A
60MecklenburgSoil and Water SupervisorBrad JohnsonN/A
60MecklenburgNC District Court Judge District 1Aretha BlakeN/A
60MecklenburgNC District Court Judge District 1Tracey HewettN/A
60MecklenburgNC District Court Judge District 2Christy MannN/A
60MecklenburgNC District Court Judge District 3Ben ThalheimerN/A
65New HanoverNew Hanover County Board of CommisionersVote for all three: Jonathan Barfield, Nelson Beaulieu, Julia BosemanN/A
65New HanoverNew Hanover Board of EductationVote for all three: Sandra Leigh, Emma Sanders, Kevin SpearsN/A
65New HanoverNC Superior Court Judge, 5APhyllis GorhamN/A
65New HanoverNC Superior Court Judge, 5BMelinda CrouchN/A
65New HanoverNC District Court Judge District 5Vote for all four: JH Corpening II, Richard Russel Davis, Jeffrey Even Noecker, Robin Wicks RobinsonN/A
76RandolphRandolph County Board of EductationTonya HaynesN/A
92WakeBoard of County Commissioners (District 4)Erv Portman
92WakeBoard of County Commissioners (District 5)James WestN/A
92WakeBoard of County Commissioners (District 6)Greg Ford
92WakeBoard of Education (District 1)Tom Benton
92WakeBoard of Education (District 2)Monika Johnson-Hostler
92WakeBoard of Education (District 4)Keith Sutton
92WakeBoard of Education (District 5)Jim Martin
92WakeBoard of Education (District 6)Christine Kushner
92WakeBoard of Education (District 7)Zora S Felton
92WakeNC Superior Court JudgeRebecca (Becky) Holt
92WakeNC District Court JudgeMonica M Bousman
92WakeNC District Court JudgeWalter Rand
92WakeNC District Court JudgeAnna Elena Worley
92WakeReferendum: one half percent sales and use tax for public transportVote "FOR"N/A
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